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When I am asked, “What do you do for al living?” I tell them, “ I profoundly change the quality of life for musicians in the United States!”

Right Away I Get that Look and the Response

“How in the hell do you that!” And I say, “I designed and developed an amazing new and now available for the first time Musician Website and what this website does for you is it puts a stop to a particular problem you have, be it;

You freelance and don’t get enough gigs.

You wanna connect with other musicians to form a band and your limited to available musicians.

You struggle with band members not showing up to band practice and or worst the gig and you’re seriously looking to replace.

Your band is not getting gigs, you don’t really wanna drop your band, but you wanna moonlight to start getting CASH.

And What I Really, Really Want to Say Is…

Start getting more gigs and start making shit loads of CASH.

Start finding great musicians and put together a great performing band and start making some serious CASH.

Start finding replacements and get rid of those band wembers who don't show up to practice or worst the gig.

Start moonlighting and make Extra income and stay in your band.

The best thing about Musician Turf Website is that,


But, you may wonder, “Is the website really Free?” “What’s the catch?” Take 3 seconds to check out weather this website is really FREE right here on this page.

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A Small Town Called Indio


Hi, I'm Rey Sandoval and I'm excited to share with you this New and Amazing website.

I’m retired now and I live in a small town called Indio, California. Indio is in Riverside County, California, located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. It's the Desert region. It lies 23 miles east of Palm Springs, California. When you live here you get to know mostly everybody, everybody is friendly and the community is always willing to help. Indio is a town where you still sit in the front porch early in the morning and have a hot cup of joe.

They Want You to Pay $40, $50 and up $80 For Their Upgraded Features

I created this website because I got Sick and Tired and I’m sure you are too, of All Those Other websites & apps out there claiming to help you and in reality they just take your money and do Absolutely Nothing for you; the local working musician and if they do, they want you to pay $40, $50 and up $80 a month for their upgraded features.

Some Websites Offer Free Features But You Can’t Really Do Diddly Squad With The Free Features

When websites for musicians started to come out on the internet. I diligently researched them . Some websites offer 1 or 2 fairly good features but lack 3 or 4 important ones.

Some websites offer free features but you can’t really do diddly squad with the free features, and the good features that you really want you have to pay for those.

Some websites have thousands of registered musicians but from 20 countries and you can’t narrow shit down , so I find that absolutely useless.

And to be honest with you, there isn’t really a whole lot of websites out there that just cater to musicians in the United States. And I personally think that a musician website is not the way to go. Even though I have a website for musicians.

What Musicians Really Want Is a Musicians App

Research tells me that 95% of musicians in the United States use a cell phone to surf the internet. So, what musicians in United States really want is a Musicians App.

So I have a new and availalbe for the first time Musicians App coming out soon.

I've Had MY Share of Success

For more than 30 years, I had my share of success as a drummer in my genre of music and just in my town and surrounding areas. Let me put it this way, I made more than enough money to pay my bills and support my family and have extra cash to save in the bank.

I wasn’t the best drummer out there, but I was constantly called upon to successfully get a band out of a bind when the drummer did a no show. During my musical career, I had massive success freelancing for months and sometimes years. I would do that ‘til I would find that perfect band that gigged every weekend for months on.

“Son, There’s an Opening at Sears and I Know the Manager and I can Help you Get the Job”

It hasn't always been a bed of roses. I always remember the time, I must’ve been 20, when I made the decision to commit to the long haul. Man it was great, playing gigs twice a weekend sometimes three times a week, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. WOOoooo!!

All of a Sudden it went dead for me. It was so dead you could hear crickets in the silence. My mom so sweet, bless her soul she saw how I was struggling and I remember her telling me… “Son there’s an opening at Sears and I know the manger and I can help you get the job.”

You Deserve To Be Making a Substantial Income

My thinking is this, you have put in countless of hours even thousands of hours mastering your instrument or the instruments you play… Don’t you think it’s Only Fair that you get reimbursed for that? If you’re a better than average musician or if you’re a Great performing artist, there is no reason why you should be failing at this. You deserve to be making a substantial income with your music. More than enough! At the very least your music income should be paying your bills. Having a second job should be a choice.

That’s why I created this website and our team of designers and developers are taking it to a whole new level with The Musician Turf-APP. This app will massively increase your music income. This App is coming soon.

I think there is a purpose behind why God gave you a musical talent and why you’re a musician. I believe that purpose is for you to succeed in what you love to do best.

Sometimes I Wonder...

Where you are today is the direct reflection of the thoughts, the decisions, and the actions you took days, months and years ago which means that where you will be tomorrow will be a direct reflection of the thoughts, the decisions, and the actions you are about to take. I have one question for you. Do you want to Make it happen?

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